Transforming lives in Peru through Math and Science

The WEF report emphasizes that today’s globalizing economy requires countries to nurture pools of well-educated people who are able to perform complex tasks and adapt rapidly to their changing environment and the evolving needs of the production system. Yet corruption and inequity are major catalysts for the stagnant reality of this nation. As such, education plays a vital role to help citizens thrive in a rapidly evolving global economy.

Our vision is to create a supportive learning environment that inspires students to attain personal success by becoming inquisitive and confident in learning Math and Science.

FACTS: Even though social sciences and humanities are being imparted in schools, Peruvian students are not yet gaining wider access to resources that enable them to develop solid skills in STEM disciplines. In a digital era, the gap is widening as broadband internet connections are unavailable in rural regions. The Peruvian government embraces increasing access to all the tools of the digital age. Still, who gets online unfolds differently for Peruvians. Peru’s Bureau of Statistics (INEI) shows that more people in Peru have a handheld device than have laptops at home.

Can we harness the penetration, thus potential, of cell phones to bring positive change to students in Peru?

Peruvian students are clearly not attaining skills to adapt rapidly to their changing environment, because the current curricula lacks the means to foster 21st-century competences. At the same time interpersonal personal skills such as human empathy, intercultural understanding, creativity, and cooperation are fostered even more scarcely. Traditional education in Peru makes students stay in their comfort zone and leaves them unprepared to deal with the constant changes in this world. They are taught to get good grades in exams, but are not taught to build skills to cope with the unexpected.

In this context, we have taken a new vision for education and explored ways to address the lack of quality education among students from lower-middle-income backgrounds. Through IEI PERU, we create opportunities to help students develop their potential through life-defining experiences which will not only make them professionally more successful, but also individuals who engage meaningfully in serving their communities and making the world a better place.

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Education plays a vital role.

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