Transforming lives in Peru through Math and Science

Randu V. Diaz S. (Cusco-Peru, born 2001)

Randu Diaz, Co-founder of the «Transforming lives through STEM» program, is a Mechanical Engineering major at Norwich University. He is presenting his research on how potato harvesting techniques are and can be used in the Peruvian Andes.

Jhosep Delgado
(Cusco-Peru – Changemaker)

Jhosep Delgado founded «Instituto de Educación Internacional del Peru» (IEI PERU), an educational organization dedicated to promoting access to international education in Peru. He co-founded the «Transforming lives through STEM» program with Randu Vincent Diaz Salva, a former student from IEI PERU.

Jhosep and Randu are currently working towards advancing both STEM and international education in their country by developing programs that provide Peruvian students with bilingual educational and cultural opportunities that allow them to broaden their perspectives and achieve their full potential. They have undertaken this ambitious project to cooperate with the Peruvian government’s aim to foster educational excellence and global competitiveness through STEM. Their initiatives have started to drive change and internationalization in the community. Yet the road to successfully advance policy and management of STEM and international education in Peru. 

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«If you are not struggling, you are not learning

– Winston Churchill

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